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Medical Massage

Medical massage is neither hard or soft in pressure, it's simply strategic. This treatment utilizes various postures and massage techniques specific to treatment of your condition. Treatment may include personal assessment, comforting pressures (pressure your body can handle comfortably without force)  muscle strengthening, R.O.M (range of motion; opening joints) light  stretching or resistance and the use of specially blended oils to further assist recovery at no extra cost. This aims to promote more long term effects (days, weeks...) as opposed to short terms effects made just during treatment time.


Highly recommended for: Chronic neck and upper back pain, shoulder tension, hip joint dysfunction, tension headaches, plantar fasciitis, increased surgical recovery, athletic injuries or overuse, the elderly and the physically impaired.


Price:      $215/ 90 min

*ADD ON: Table warmers are available for all treatments upon request prior to appointment. Fee $15.

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