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Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone Deep Tissue

Upgrade your deep tissue with heated basalt stones that will melt your muscles down to a gooey goodness. Theres nothing like that stubborn area that wont "fall into line". With the everyday hustle of NYC, sometime we forget that we need some TLC. This treatment gives your deep tissue an extra kick by allowing the heat to penetrate deeper into the muscle increasing blood flow and oxygen to the are promoting rapid healing. This is great for chronic areas of pain such as the back, neck, shoulders and feet. Be advised that this treatment utilizes hot stones throughout the massage which include heated stones being sat upon the skin for durations of time. This is NOT a 5min hot stone finish. Please advise your therapist if you would prefer otherwise.

Highly recommended for: Individuals with chronic neck / back / shoulder pain, foot pain, relaxation.

Price:        $165 / 60min

                  $220 / 90min

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