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Muscle Strengthening

High Plank

* This treatment can not be booked until you’ve had at least two 60 min treatments. This allows your massage therapist to observe and asses any findings and come up with the most appropriate action for you.

The goal is to isolate and target as much as possible the weaker muscle without over activating the entire body. We want the body to play “catch up” but only where it’s behind. For this reason I utilize the the chair, table, and wall. This allows you comfort in moving at your own pace, gives less worry to balance and supports all unneeded weight. This treatment is for all but especially directed to a more aged body type. From seated or lying positions clients will use their own body weight with some assistance to raise, stretch and perform minor muscle movements to stimulate development and strengthening. Some sessions can include resistance bands and up to 5lb weights.

Highly recommended for: Geriactric clients, pectoral and hip flexor strengthening, weak abdominals, and individuals who get very little movement. 

Price:        $65 / 45 min

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