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60min CBD Full Body Relaxation

A light pressure full body massage using CBD oil from head to toe aimed toward relaxation, blood circulation, and anxiety reduction. This massage is not designed to address stubborn areas of chronic inflammation or provide deep pressure. Instead it is recommended for first timers wanting explore a full body CBD massage, lovers of Swedish massage, and those just wanting to unwind on a nice day off with some much needed self care.

Highly recommended for: First timers to CBD massage and pressure sensitive individuals. 

Price:       $210 /60min

DISCLAIMER! While CBD (Cannabidiol) doesn't produce a "high" effect from topical use, it is known to promote a relaxed and potentially sleepy side effect. Please use discernment when booking and consult your doctor prior with any concerns for existing conditions and to be sure that this is safe for you. CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, stems and flowers of the cannabis plant. 

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